GoldBox Resource

Eternium Box

Energy Cube (Cube)
Ecube Box
  • When your Headquarters reach level 10, new resource called “Cube” becomes available. 
  • Energy Cube is produced at the Cube Factory which you will unlock at Headquarters level 11.
  • They are stored in the Cube Storage and generally used for construct and upgrade Buildings

Gem Pile
  • Gems are the premium in-game currency used to advance player's base.
  • Gems can be earned in-game by completing achievement or it can be purchased with money.
  • Gem can be used to instantly complete the construction or upgrade of buildings. 
  • They also can be used to buy other resources such as Gold, Eternium, Energy Cube in the Treasure menu. 

  • Timer is produced at the Time Compressor.
  • Timer reduces the remaining construction time of any building by 1 hour.
  • Ways to acquire Timers:
    • 1. Produce at the Time Compressor,
    • 2. Daily Login Reward
    • 3. Season Pass missions (best way to collect Timers)